As the future of motocross has become more and more questionable, EMX Powertrain acknowledged the need for change. If motocross is to continue to have a place in our lives, it will have to conform to environment regulations. The obvious solution to this is going electric. However, while making motocross future-proof, it should still be motocross. EMX Powertrain faced this incredible challenge head-on!

Starting as a technical collaboration by Dohms Projecten and ELEO Technologies, the primary objective of EMX Powertrain was to explore the opportunities for developing an electric alternative to a motocross bike with similar competitive qualities as its existing equivalent. With the support of Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. and the Royal Dutch Motorcyclists Association (KNMV), EMX Powertrain developed and tested the EMX Pro, its first prototype.

In testing the EMX Pro left great impressions on its professional test riders and proved itself as a promising foundation for the development of electric dirt bikes. Aided by new perspectives and the extensive experience of its test riders, EMX Powertrain continues to develop the EMX Pro until its successor is introduced to the market.