Welcome to EMX Powertrain, developer and manufacturer of high performance electric motocross bikes. The EMX Pro, the electric motocross prototype, is the first bike EMX Powertrain built. It embodies the vision of EMX Powertrain, answering the call for a clean and silent motocross bike. Inspired by the notion that electrification improves the fun and most importantly: you will spend less time inside, fixing your bike and more time outside, riding it! The successor of the prototype will be introduced to the market very soon.

Combining the performance of a traditional dirt bike with the instant power delivery and practicalities of an electric motorcycle, the EMX Pro truly is the best of both worlds.

The EMX Pro is a product of some of the best technologies known to motocross, combined with cutting-edge developments on electric powertrains, to guarantee the best motocross experience. Riding the EMX Pro is both a familiar and refreshing experience.

The base for the EMX Pro originates from the proven quality of a Japanese built chassis. It features a bilateral beam aluminum frame, offering both durability as well as agility. The lightweight chassis gives the EMX Pro the handling and stability worthy of a world championship motocross bike.

The liquid cooled electric motor is developed to deliver at all times. Whether you’re riding on fast hardpack or demanding sand tracks, you can always count on the motor to deliver full power. It is linked to a clutch-free single stage helical gear transmission. The secondary drive chain has a standard gear ratio, as found on your typical motocross bike, such that the power delivery feels natural.

A high-performance motor has to come with the energy supply to match it. The incredibly high energy density and efficient configuration put the EMX Pro battery in a league of its own. It’s easy to replace and using advanced cooling systems we made sure you can keep on riding on the limit. You will probably run out of energy sooner than the EMX Pro, but if the bike does run out of energy, the batteries can be charged through a 230-volt power supply using an external charger.

What would an electric bike be without customizable power settings? All relevant mappings, with varying settings for torque delivery, flywheel effect and engine braking, are at your disposal through a switch on the left-hand side of the handlebar. Here you will also find the optional lever for the rear brake, which can still be operated by your right foot through the traditional brake pedal.